The Bachelor Season 17

I’ve been a follower of the whole Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise for years now, and though I would never call myself a fan, it’s just one of those things that are so bad and ridiculous that you can’t help but tune in week after week. It was never a show that I was really invested in, and I didn’t care much for the couples after the show ended. This past season though, season 17 of The Bachelor, was quite a pleasant surprise! I started watching it weeks after the season began due to sheer boredom and before I knew it, I was totally consumed by the freaking show. I didn’t care much for Sean Lowe on the Bachelorette when he was vying for Emily Maynard’s love. He was nice, but pretty boring! Watching him on his own season though, was much more enjoyable. I felt like his personality translated a lot better and what seemed lackluster was actually just a really normal guy. I enjoyed his wholesomeness and genuine good nature, unlike previous bachelors who came off like… well, douchebags. The girls this season were also a lot less annoying and even the resident evil Tierra was entertaining to watch without making you want to rip your hair out. I mean, by no means was I rooting for her but honestly, I liked Tierra despite how Tierra-ble she was portrayed. Sure, she was mean but not in a way that was devious, plus I felt like she really did like Sean, so I didn’t hate her. I always feel like ABC tries way too hard every season to make someone the bitch and it never works on me because I always like the girl!

But I digress. I loved this season and with me being basically bedridden the past couple of days, I couldn’t help but rewatch a lot of episodes. Catherine was definitely a favorite of mine even early on, but I didn’t have a lot of confidence that she would make it far because the editing really downplayed her presence and interactions with Sean. Even after spoiling the show for myself and finding out that she won, I still couldn’t believe it because she seemed like such an underdog! After Lesley M. got the boot, and then Des went home, I was completely rooting for Catherine because I was not a fan of AshLee at all (I knew she was crazy and the Women Tell All only confirmed it) nor was I a fan of Lindsay, who was cute but didn’t seem to have a lot of substance. I absolutely adored watching Sean and Catherine together and how he was clearly so different towards her than he was towards the others. I think the sweetest thing was how he constantly reassured her that he was the lucky one. Every time he said that I just wanted to clutch my heart! I really liked Catherine because of her approach towards the whole situation. I could never understand why girls would come onto this show and be so sure that they would be there at the end, only to get brokenhearted and be all ‘why??’ and ‘how could he do this to me???’ Do you not know what you signed up for? LOL. Catherine understood that while she wholeheartedly loves him, he may feel stronger for someone else and she could leave with nothing. Sure people would argue that she lacks confidence and it’s not a good thing, but I think that’s the only healthy way to go about the situation in circumstances as bizarre as this show entails. Even in post show interviews, where she’s asked if it was hard for her to watch the show and she says no because she understood what the show is about, and that obviously he loves her because she’s here in the end. I thought that was so incredibly refreshing to hear and it really shows the maturity and depth that she has. And I think the fact that Sean chose her really shows the depth in him.

(Also, I’ve heard many people say they think she was one of the least if not the least attractive contestants of the season and I’m shocked! I thought she was easily one of the most attractive, in a natural way. I think she’s very pretty, in a more down-to-earth kind of way, if that makes any sense. Like a kind of pretty that doesn’t make a big deal about itself. I also like how low maintenance she seems.)

I can hardly believe how hard I am rooting for this couple, because I have never really cared for any Bachelor/Bachelorette couple, even Ashley and J.P. who are sweet as pie. I have watched way too many interviews, read way too many articles, kept up with way too many message boards, and stalked their social media accounts to the extreme. I am nothing less than obsessed. I don’t want to be naive and believe in their love when it really could turn out to be a total sham because let’s face it, this show is notorious for that. But I honestly think they can make it, because of how normal the both of them are compared to previous couples. They are honestly so sweet and authentic. I am nothing short of excited for their televised wedding so I can see more of this lovely couple. I love love love them! I want to personally thank Emily Maynard for dumping Sean on national television because that ultimately paved his way for being the Bachelor and becoming one half of my most adored reality TV couple. Can you imagine Emily and Sean in a fish market throwing fish at each other? Ha!

I’ve even started watching Dancing With The Stars just to continue getting my weekly dose of Sean Lowe. Look at this jock trying to dance!

Okay can’t believe I blogged about this. I’m obsessed and I need help.


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