Vanellope Von Schweetz is my spirit animal

Aw no you’re not, you cutie pie! My new favorite animated kid. (Sorry Agnes.)

Glad I finally got to watch Wreck-It Ralph. It’s about time! Really sweet movie! It’s pretty rare for me to dislike animated movies anyway, so it’s not a surprise I loved this one. But it was even more awesome than I had anticipated! I think the last animated movie I watched was Rise Of The Guardians which was kind of cute, but also a snooze fest and overall pretty underwhelming.

For some reason I imagined the movie to be similar to Despicable Me (which I adore with my whole life), probably because of Vanellope, whose cuteness level is comparable to Agnes but with more spice and sass. The movie was so very different though and not what I had in mind at all. The plot is so clever and unique. I love the whole idea of video games being worlds of their own and how characters can hop from one game to another. How brilliant! The cameos of actual video game characters like Bowser and Pac man and Sonic the Hedgehog, were a nice touch. (Bowser was probably my favorite antagonist growing up.) The graphics of the movie are really fun to watch and easy on the eyes, especially in the land of Sugar Rush. The characters are all lovable and super funny! I loved Fix-It Felix and how chipper he was, and I thought it was hilarious how he and Sergeant Calhoun got married at the end. I loved Vanellope’s sass and quirky comments. She’s adorable! And I love the sweet messages that the movie offers about hope and empowerment. Great movie – 5/5 stars!


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