What a hell of a week. Well… not really. Maybe just to me because I have fucked up brain chemistry and anything slightly awful triggers a mental and physical breakdown with the magnitude of a volcanic eruption. Speaking of volcanoes, when the hell am I ever going to need to calculate the velocity of a volcanic bomb required to hit the physics building at my school? Definitely botched that question on my exam. I adore my physics professor. I hate how irrelevant physics is to what I’m studying.

This week was bumpy and I was pretty sure I wouldn’t survive much longer, but I believe you need to break down sometimes because the only way to go afterwards is up, and suddenly everything begins to turn around for you. I know it did for me. Let’s break it down. I started the week with about a 5, what I would say is the baseline of my contentment from a day to day basis. Perhaps the highlight of that day was petting this little guy. His name’s Squirt and I should’ve taken him home when no one was looking.


Then it shot down to about a -10 because I hated myself and that is all I’m going to say about that. Wednesday was about a 7: I was tired and did not want to catch salamanders but what I love about these environmental classes is how easily you can bond with your fellow classmates. We’re just one big nuclear family going on a hike together. Thursday I’d give a 7.5: exam day but my nerves were under control, then I began research and ground soil for about three hours with this ancient mill that’s probably from the seventies or something. It was pesky and gross but weirdly relaxing and I would’ve gladly ground more. Lastly, today is Friday and I was at about an 8.5: I met up with a good friend and explored Husky Fest with her, got a free t-shirt (that’s actually my size for once!!! I was so excited I dropped it in a puddle immediately after receiving it), got a stupid purple W painted on my face which seemed like a good idea at the time but was an immediate regret because I just ended up looking like a dweeb, and took really awkward photos at the photobooth. Then I met up with one of my favorite people ever who I hadn’t seen since about September or October and she is absolutely wonderful and we had a fabulous lunch. I hopped on the bus to go home and had great fun with my favorite pair of sisters ever. Definitely an A++++ day.


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