Korean Tofu House x U District, Seattle

My first time here and in short, the service sucked but food was aight. I may or may not be back. I usually don’t crave Korean food anyway, so this was a pretty unusual pick (I got the privilege of choosing the lunch spot today 🙂 )

Mixed soft tofu soup with beef, clams, shrimp: Good enough, got too salty when I ran out of rice. I prefer the one from Seoul Hot Pot.

Side dishes were alright. Good potatoes. We asked for a second round refill and they said “sorry, we cannot do that”. lol WTF. Isn’t it unlimited? I was pretty annoyed to say the least. Made me yearn for Seoul Hot Pot.

Dunno what this is. I wanted to try it but Sharlene was sick and I didn’t wanna catch whatever she had… even though we eventually realized all our side dishes got contaminated anyway haha.

Basically, my loyalty remains with Seoul Hot Pot.


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