Born Sinner


I’ve been soooo psyched about J. Cole’s new album. I’ve been awaiting it ever since I heard Power Trip. I really wish I had the patience to wait until the album was released to listen to it in all its glory but I just couldn’t help myself so I’ve been listening to all 16 tracks minus the bonuses ever since the whole album was leaked and J. Cole himself put the album up for streaming. I went to Walmart this morning to get craft wire for arts & crafts day with my homies today and also to grab some crackers for my salmon dip, and I was gonna stop by Target to pick up a physical copy but I was too lazy so I figured I’ll just go tomorrow or something. I’m just streaming it on Spotify for the time being. Overall I’m really happy about it because I think it’s a huge improvement from Sideline Story. Although I thought that was a good album too, I think I tried too hard to like it because I felt like I should since the lyrical content was great, but there were so many tracks that sounded so alike that they were hardly distinguishable from one another. I couldn’t really figure out why he came off so boring sometimes until I read some comments on some music blogs where people said he’s boring because his flow is literally the same in every song and then I realized that was right. I think that’s still evident on this album even though I wholeheartedly like it a lot more. The only track that really stands out to me flow wise is the Ain’t That Some Shit interlude where his flow is significantly different. Other than that, other standout tracks for me are Let Nas Down because I wasn’t aware of the story behind it prior to hearing it, and Forbidden Fruit even though I really didn’t like it at first and even though it is like the biggest tease to feature Kendrick Lamar on a track and not even let him have a verse. Kudos for using a ATCQ sample on the track though. I also really like Born Sinner; what a great track to close the album with. Love the TLC feature on Crooked Smile. Overall I really enjoy the album as a whole and there isn’t a single track that I skip over . This hasn’t been the case since I’ve listened to Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix by Phoenix or Kendrick’s GKMC. I really appreciate albums like these because there’s so much substance and fillers are nonexistent. I fucking hate fillers. Anyway, I think a huge aspect of this album being so good and so much better is due to the fact that J. Cole had more creative control this time around, and it’s a great thing he did because the product is magnificent. Also have to add that his hook game is crazy. Bravo, Jermaine!! People had doubts following Sideline Story but hopefully you proved them wrong with this record.

I enjoyed Born Sinner so much more than Yeezus, although I’ve yet to finish listening. Apparently it’s supposed to be some kind of polarizing, classic record so I should learn to enjoy it. But for now I’m gonna continue indulging in Born Sinner and I’m about to listen to the bonuses for the first time, except for Sparks Will Fly which I listened to like yesterday but only because it showed up on my Tumblr dash. I love it especially since Jhene Aiko is on the hook and I freaking love her. ANYHOO this is getting too long and nobody even reads this lol. So yeah I’m just gonna go play some plants vs. zombies or something and continue bumping this album until it gets old, which doesn’t seem likely anytime soon. I’m really happy and excited to have a new album that I actually enjoy and does not disappoint because I’ve recently been very disappointed by a several of my favorite artists whose albums I was very much anticipating but ended up sucking. DEMI LOVATO I’M TALKING TO YOU.


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