Aaron Paul Appreciation Post

Can I just express how much I love Aaron Paul as an actor and person? I don’t think I’ve ever adored a celebrity so much (actually I don’t know; I probably feel like this every time I’m obsessed with someone but I’d like to think my love for Aaron Paul is genuinely different).



This is my favorite thing in the world. OMG he looks so confused I love him.

He’s not only an incredible actor but he seems genuinely nice and really appreciates his fans. Like he actually calls his fans on the phone to discuss Breaking Bad… If that isn’t awesome I don’t know what is. I know he started off doing tons of commercials and whatnot, and he had several roles here and there on random shows that I’ve never seen, but Breaking Bad was definitely his big break and I’m so glad it was because he embodies Jesse so well despite him being completely different than the character in real life. I’m really sad that the show’s coming to an end but I’m really excited for new roles that he’ll be getting in the future because I know this isn’t the last we’ll see of him.

It’s really weird to me that he’s 34 (happy belated – his bday was just 2 days ago!) because I feel like he aged so fast. But that’s probably because I binge watched Breaking Bad and he looked like a baby in the first few seasons even though he was already like, what, 27-28 when they started the show?


OMG look at him. He looks 12. This picture is everything.


And then all of a sudden he actually looks his age. Maybe it’s the beard – which I’m not personally a fan of because I just hate beards in general. But I love him beard or no beard and I adore this picture because it’s just so him.


More young Aaron Paul. Or rather, young Jesse. As much as I’m glad Jesse has matured throughout the seasons, I do miss his big ass colorful hoodies when he wasn’t so depressed by all the shit that would happen. Plus I love babyfaced Aaron Paul. So cute.

Also, I’m super jealous of his wife because not only is she amazingly gorgeous but she’s married to him. So congrats to her, because she wins at life. The way he speaks about her is so soooo sweet omg scratch that the way they speak of each other just gives me diabetes. They’re the most adorable couple in Hollywood really.

3 more days til Breaking Bad. This is how I live now – just counting down to the next episode. I’m so excited I’m gonna piss my pants. Even though I have absolutely no one to discuss with because the only other person I know who watches it is like 2 seasons behind and she seriously needs to hurry up.

Anyways, Aaron Paul. I love him so much. What a beautiful soul.


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