Yours Truly


I was never really a fan of Ariana Grande but I do remember watching her cover songs that she uploaded onto her Youtube channel and even back then her voice was not amateur. I wouldn’t say I was excited and anticipating the release of her debut album but when it came out I definitely wanted to check it out because I really liked The Way so I wanted to see what the other tracks would sound like.

And oh my goodness, let me just say this whole album is perfection. I’ve had every song stuck in my head at some point. My favorites are hands down Honeymoon Avenue, which is the first track, and then Almost Is Never Enough feat. Nathan Sykes who I did not even know was one of the guys from The Wanted. Omg words cannot describe how much I love Honeymoon Avenue because everything about it is so complete to me. From the arrangement to the strings to the range in her vocals, even the lyrics – the whole song is just a masterpiece really. I honestly love every track though. Not one that I would skip.

I don’t know what it is but the entire album sounds so…magical, for lack of better words. Like, I actually feel as if I’m in Disneyland or something. I know that’s a bizarre description but every song is so sweet and wholesome and her voice is so magical it just transports me to another world. She has gained herself a new fan.

She is such a sweetie.

Ariana Grande might just be my new fave pop princess. Sorry, Demi. Still love you though.


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