NYE 2014


Our setup for our spring roll feast. Doesn’t look like much but it was awesome.


Opening belated Xmas gifts.


Being hella cute before going out.


Waiting for fireworks.


Anticlimactic fireworks.


Cheers with some rozay.


More cuteness.


Facing East x Bellevue, WA

Celebratory lunch last Tuesday with my favorite summer school mates! Followed by a 7- hour Breaking Bad marathon. So basically the best day ever.


Appetizer courtesy of me: Oyster pancake. OMG so good. I think about it everyday.


Fried chicken steak, chow mein, and home style braised egg tofu


Dessert courtesy of Theresa: Everything shaved iced. Simply the bomb.

A+ meal and not to mention I got all the leftovers which was just as good the next day.


This is like the first time we’ve ever hung out outside of school, but of course we just ended up meeting at school, LOL. Arts & crafts time in study room 325 in Suzzallo while blasting old school Mariah Carey. Look at my cute lil family. The flash washed us all out except Joben. He’s just adopted. Lol just kidding.

My only talent is compulsively making these bracelets. But they are pretty cool I guess. Black one’s mine. Made the blue one for Vikki – hopefully it fits this time! Made Joben the white one and finally figured out how to fasten it without it looking all ratchet. Gotta pat myself on the back for that one.

Thanh Vi x University District, Seattle

Hadn’t been here since freshman year!

Bun bo hue, and ribs on ribs on ribs. Lots of ribs. So so good but I did not digest that bun bo hue very well and I needed to take the worst shit ever while being stuck on the bus for thirty minutes. Literally the worst physical inconvenience I have ever experienced. No regrets though. I will endure anything for that bun bo hue.

Itadakimasu x University District, Seattle

(jacked this from Jobes’ tumblr. He won’t mind.)

Lost my Itadakimasu virginity today. What a feast we had!

Spicy ramen in pork broth with a side of french fries… weird combo haha. The noodles were on point but a bit bland and the soup was bland aside from the very prominent spice but I saved it by maniacally dumping random condiments in and then it was great. Wow I should be a chef. Can’t believe I finished that entire bowl. It was like twice the size of my head. Overall it was good but I probably wouldn’t order again unless someone wanted to share. It was literally a chore to finish!

Monica had some ribs that were fantastic. Joben had bulgogi that was really nice and tender but it was sadly left unfinished. Tim… with his big ass dish of yakisoba with some really really orgasmic beef, AND a giant plate of chicken katsu.

We also got 10 free pieces of gyozas on top of all this food. Thanks, student survival guide. You are a god.

Overall I dig it. I’d give it 4.5/5 stars! Great food and great service. A 5/5 for sure if I didn’t have to fix the ramen’s flavor myself.

Even the wall decor was awesome!

Today was Black Friday edition 2, lol. It’s too bad we didn’t get a group shot plus our trendsetter wasn’t able to join us today. But look at how spiffy my friends look!

Great expectations for Green House next Friday! Crossing my fingers that we’ll have a better experience than we did at Tofu House.