Breaking Bad


So It’s no secret that I’ve been in my cave since last Tuesday binge watching Breaking Bad. I mean, it’s all I’ve been talking about – even to people who don’t watch the show. I must say the fact that I finished four seasons in less than a week and be caught up to the latest episode is quite impressive…. to me. Lol, I’m sure that just sounds like I have no life, which I can’t really deny. Hey, I recently finished 3 quarters of organic chem in 8 weeks so it’s safe to say I don’t mind not having a life these days. Blame my teacher, who mentioned it during lecture and talked about it for long enough that got me and my friends interested to have a 7-hour marathon where we watched the entire first season in one sitting. And then they went home and I proceeded to watch the rest by myself, always on the verge of a heart attack because of how stressed this show makes me (in a good way!).

I really don’t keep up with many TV shows anymore and I only ever watch sitcoms because they are 20 minutes and not hard for me to sit through. The only real show I still watch is Pretty Little Liars and I honestly don’t even enjoy it because the plot sucks so badly and I only continue tuning in for the hot cast. So for me to have so many feels for Breaking Bad is a big deal! I can’t remember the exact moment I knew this would be a brilliant show and that I was gonna love it big time, but it definitely had to do with Jesse, who is hands down my favorite character. Not only because Aaron Paul’s portrayal of him is incredible and I am just in love with Aaron Paul in general, but the character development of Jesse really gets to me. He’s definitely the one I sympathize with the most because you see how he gets manipulated over and over again by Walt who he’s always been loyal to and you see him becoming so dark and more depressed with each season. I definitely miss the simpler days when he said funny things and was more carefree… There were several moments that really got to me but definitely when he had no choice but to kill Gale – that pained look on his face broke my heart. And not to mention I love Gale. He was so eccentric…

I really hope Jesse gets a happy ending and I really hope he doesn’t get killed off but I’m nervous since he was originally supposed to die four seasons ago… Plus I think when it comes down to it, he’s no match against Walt who is such a sociopath now and even though I do believe he genuinely cares about Jesse, I think if Jesse becomes an obstacle, Walt will not hesitate to eliminate him and that makes me soooo sad because Jesse was always so loyal to him despite the friction between them. Although with the recent turn of events, who knows what Jesse’s gonna do now. I also really hope he finds out about Walt’s involvement in Jane’s death although I’m not sure how that would come about.

I stopped rooting for Walt awhile ago so I’m really hoping he loses somehow. I also want Walt Jr. to find out. That would be so great. I hate seeing him so clueless all the time and now that even Hank and Marie know, Jr.’s gotta start becoming more suspicious about things too.

Man oh man the promo for next episode is driving me crazy with anticipation. Part of me is so glad I caught on to this show this late in the game because I got such a high off of binge watching the series that I can’t even imagine having to wait an entire week for each new episode if I had started watching the show earlier. Although I’m gonna have to do that now for the next five weeks and it’s already driving me mad. I could barely function today because my routine for the past five days was wake up and proceed to watch Breaking Bad until I knock out at approximately 4AM. I’m glad I finally caught up but I feel so empty now… I wish I bumped my head on something so hard that I forget everything so I can rewatch it all. I’m already anticipating the withdrawal I’m gonna have after the whole show wraps up. Lol it’s gonna suck… But until then, every day is gonna be a countdown to the next episode. And to cope I’m gonna binge watch cast interviews on youtube. Or maybe just compilations of Jesse saying ‘Bitch’. Yeah… this is my life now. No regrets.

Also, I can’t stop wondering if hydrofluoric acid can actually dissolve human bodies? That seems farfetched to me… But I was only a B student in ochem so who knows.


Getting in touch with the Archer in me

Energetic and enthusiastic, the Sagittarius see the glass half full. Their optimism helps them carry on even in the most adverse situations.

The Sagittarius will call a spade a spade, so you know when say something they mean it. There honest comments, however, may be at times too harsh to handle for some people.

These are bright and intellectual people, who are interested in a wide variety of subjects and can be impressive conversationalists.

There are philosophical and religious individuals with a strong sense of mortality and ethics. They love to share their views on matters, such as the higher power and religious beliefs.

The people born under the Zodiac Sign Sagittarius are large-hearted people. They love to help others reach their goals, find a way out of problems and lead a good life.

Adventurous that they are, the Sagittarius are always willing to take risks and keep the excitement levels in their lives alive.

Negative traits

The Sagittarius tend to take things for granted, risking more than they should. Their careless attitude attracts criticism from all corners.

Being honest and straightforward is one thing, being tactless is another. A lesson or two on how to handle things skilfully will definitely help these individuals.

The people born under to Zodiac Sign Sagittarius tend to impatient and restless, especially when their energy is not focussed or well-directed.

External appearance mean a lot to them. Besides, they don’t have patience and inclination to scratch beneath the surface and see the actual substance.

Their interest levels change quite frequently and that eventually affects their efficiency. It is difficult to ensure that a Sagittarius is going to be consistent in his performance.

The Sagittarius believe that they know everything and what they are doing is right, but quite often, they end up making a lot of mistakes, owing to their overconfidence.

7.27.13. 1:13AM

Proud of what I’ve achieved
Before I compare them to the lives others lead.
“Focus on yourself and just be satisfied,”
But can’t let go of my own ego and that’s my demise.
It gets hungry when I can’t feed it
Frustration brews when I’m not the best,
Try so hard yet fail the test.
Pressure cuts so deep I just wanna sleep…
Ten hours at least,
Lost in dreams where reality doesn’t exist.


I only have one week of summer until the end of August and all I’ve been doing is laughing my buttocks off binge watching Martin. I don’t think I ever really watched it back in the day when it was on. Well, it ran from 92 to 97 so I wasn’t even in the U.S. yet but I don’t think I ever really watched syndications of it either. I totally missed out because it’s one of the funniest things ever!! OMG Sheneneh is my fave character ever in the history of any sitcom that ever existed. I can’t even with this episode:

Another fave episode is Forever Sheneneh. That one was a riot. Martin Lawrence does this whole dressing in drag playing a strong black woman thing right and it is the funniest thing in the world, unlike Tyler Perry. I mean I’ve never actually seen those movies but from what I’ve seen it ain’t all that funny.

Work In Progress #3

I don’t even know where this is going anymore but working on it is like my form of meditation so I guess that’s all that matters. It’s like a collage of doodles I guess. I wanna outline everything in sharpie when it’s all done and ready even though that’s gonna drive me up the wall especially all the tiny little flowers that are floating in what otherwise would be empty space. But I will do it because these smudges from the lead make me really mentally unstable.